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What's New


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Heads of Ayr

Heads of Ayr

Carrick Hills

Carrick Hills

Heads of Ayr Agates this colour are extremely rare.

Heads of Ayr - Agates this colour are extremely rare


We made another agate collecting expedition to Fife and Angus in 2019, and again our worst adversary was the weather. Not so much rain, or even snow, but an incessant cold wind, sometimes accompanied by bright sunshine --- just about the worst conditions for spotting agates on fields. One beach was just about untenable with wind-driven sand covering up the stones and sandblasting us.

However, enough negativity! By persistence we managed to achieve something, and we were pleased to get onto a field in Fife which has produced lovely agates in the past. This year we found a good number of beautiful agates including several fine moss agates (see picture below).

We took a friend, Paul, with us who is new to agate collecting; he had a whale of a time and (predictably!) found the best agate of the day!

North Fife Hills

North Fife Hills

Jean, Paul and Robin

Jean, Paul and Robin

This brings us to a new gifts idea: we can now offer “Friendship Stones” single nodules, typically up to 12 mm. cut in half with the faces polished . One half is to give to someone special, the other to keep; a symbol of a bond between two people. Here is a pair:

This is onyx country --- can you spot one?”

We can supply standard or custom size cabochons of Scottish agates and other British stones, also some lovely Australian opal; we can also supply finished jewellery items. Ask us for details.

We also have available a large stock of Northern English and Scottish mineral specimens for sale, some from sites where mineral collecting is no longer possible. Please enquire.


Cabachons For Jewellery

Cabochons For Jewellery


We cut many hundreds of agate nodules during the year. Many of them finish up on the garden path as scrap, while the best are polished and are sold to collectors. The really ‘un-partable-with’ go into our own collection!

Occasionally we come across agates which display strange and curious features reminiscent of birds, insects or surreal landscapes. To illustrate, here is an example showing a stone featuring a ghostly image with scriptural overtones:

Dunure Reflections

“The Burning Bush” , a Biblical illustration from Binn Hill”


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